Adding pool or trampoline to your home? Call your insurance company first

Adding pool or trampoline to your home? Call your insurance company first
Installations are 'attractive nuisances'
Swimming pools and trampolines have an Impact on your Homeowner's Insurance Policy.
If you are planning on installing a swimming pool without notifying your homeowner's insurance company, it could result in any claims involving your pool – or even your roof – being denied. This goes for the installation of trampolines as well.
Any time you add onto your property, even if it's small, you should notify your agent. If you don't, there is the possibility that the insurer could deny any claims that could be linked to your addition. If someone got hurt using your swimming pool or trampoline, this could result in huge personal losses for you in the event of a lawsuit. reports the number of swimming pools in this country has reached 8.6 million, although they tend to be more popular in Southern states where summertime temperatures regularly top 100 degrees. Trampolines also have grown in popularity, but figures on how many homes have them were unavailable.
Liability release forms aren't any help either, although many people think they remove the liability. If the piece of equipment is on your property, you are liable, regardless of forms. This is important to remember because, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2004 89,000 individuals were admitted to emergency rooms for trampoline-related injuries, and about 60-65 percent of those individuals were children under the age of 14.
Not all insurance companies will cover a home that has a pool or trampoline, however, NO company can exclude the pool or trampoline from the policy. Therefore, it is important to ask your agent before purchasing a pool or trampoline about their coverage options, receive quotes from companies that do insure homes with pools and trampolines, and be up front and honest about the condition they are in. Some policies require fences and other safety equipment around these "toys". If that is not in your budget, you may want to reconsider your purchase.