Don't Risk Driving an RV Without Insurance

Don't Risk Driving an RV Without Insurance
Not everyone who owns an RV drives it often, and to those who don't, RV insurance might seem like an unnecessary expense. However, do you really want that asset you worked hard to purchase at risk of loss due to an accident? Theft? Or Vandalism?
Insurance Free, Not the Way to Be?
Just because your RV isn't your daily vehicle doesn't mean you should not purchase insurance. After all, an accident isn't the only problem you might have! It is required by law to purchase Insurance if you're going to drive your RV, and if you're stopped by a police officer and can't provide it, you will be facing a rather large find as well as a possible suspension of your license!
Don't Risk It
If you own an RV and only drive once a month, it is still not a good idea to drive without Insurance. You can get Insurance Policies that cost less because you don't drive the vehicle often. Even if you can get away driving without Insurance, you still don't know what could come back and haunt you.