Spring Cleaning List: Items with the top resale value on Craigslist!

Have you ever bought or sold anything on Craigslist? Although it has gotten a bad reputation in the past, Craigslist is a great way to get rid of your valuable but unneeded items at a fair price for both parties.

10. Cell Phones
Cell Phones, especially many of the new smartphones sell for a lot of money on the used markets. There is a very large supply due to people constantly upgrading their phones. The demand is high because of how expensive it is to replace a lost or broken phone. The cell phone market isn't that efficient because most people obtained their phone via their cell carrier subsidizing it, therefore obscuring it's real cost from its owner.

9. Power Tools
Power tools are a great because of the large supply, and frequent fire-sales that occur when contractors change professions and dump all their tools on Craigslist. Also, one can get the most out of a trip as usually the seller is often getting rid of many tools at once. Bonus is to be able to use the tools while you are waiting for them to sell. Buy them for a remodel project, and sell them for a profit after you're done!

8. Yard equipment
Lawnmowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, chainsaws, chippers/shredders, power washers and generators. This can be especially lucrative if you learn how to repair small engines, especially during springtime. People often leave their equipment with gas in it over the winter which leads to the carburetor clogging up and machine not starting. So people throw them up on Craigslist for free or very cheap.

7. Computers
Laptops, netbooks and desktop computers can be great buys, especially if you repair them as well. When something goes wrong with a computer, people will often unload it for cheap on Craigslist. People are always upgrading to the latest and greatest, even with lots of life left in their existing computer.

6. Electronics
High-end electronics sell pretty well. For example Bose products always sell well as the supply of them is smaller and it's an item where the initial price keeps many from buying new. There are also a lot of sub-categories within the electronic field where people buy the product on a whim, and get rid of it a few months later after barely using it. They also store easily inside a house and can be used while awaiting for them to sell.

5. Furniture
Furniture can be very expensive and often holds it's value fairly well, especially high-end furniture. Any solid wood furniture will usually have a pretty high demand. Desks, all types of chairs, nice couches, bookshelves, dining tables, dressers, mirrors, etc.

4. Bicycles
There is very good money to be made in buying and reselling bicycles. The value of a bike will also increase quite a bit with a few repairs. Also, with the younger generation being saddled in so much debt, bicycles are becoming more popular as an alternative transportation mode.

3. Motorcycles and scooters
Buying and selling Harley Davidson motorcycles, and other motorcycles and scooters, can be a very lucrative business. These bikes can sell for $5,000-$15,000, which leaves a lot of room for play. They are another frequently distressed sale item where very good deals can be found. Also, if you can sit on the bikes over the winter, you can often buy them for cheap in the winter and sell them for more in the summer.

2. Appliances
Everyone has appliances, so the supply and demand for them is very high. It's fairly easy to make $75-$150 profit per appliance, and more if you are dealing with high end appliances (which also carry more risk)

1. Cars
If you really know what you're doing, and are willing to get a dealers license, you can make a lot of money buying and selling cars. $500-$1000 profit on a car is probably average, but there is the potential to make a good bit more than that. Sellers will often under price a car because of a small flaw, and after observing it closely every day, becomes bigger than it actually is. The small dent on the bumper becomes a reason to drop the price significantly, when the market could care less.